Who We Are

Valiant Life Coaching Inc.

Valiant Life Coaching Inc. is a coaching service that provides personal, career and life coaching to individuals that are looking to enhance their current life situation. This is accomplished by partnering with them in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to close the gap between where they are today and that place of passionately living their potential and purpose. It is an ongoing professional relationship that provides clients with tools, support and the structure to accomplish extraordinary and sustainable results. It is a healthy, positive, and enabling process that helps develop the clients’ capacity to live from a place of conscious choice and intentionality, in the present. Not allowing the past or limiting beliefs to define them or hold them back.

It is not the intention of Valiant to provide front-line support for individuals suffering from chronic depression, anxiety, neurosis or addictions. These individuals should be referred to Therapists who are experts in medical and behavioral sciences and are trained to treat diagnosable conditions. Coaching clients are well individuals who have generally accepted their past and are prepared to focus on their present and future.

Coaching is about listening and responding to the client rather than advising or “fixing” them. It is about asking powerful questions and supporting the client’s vision instead of creating the vision for them. It provides a safe place where they can be seen and supported as worthy and deserving, allowing them to come to their own conclusions, resulting in a bigger impact and more profound energy shift. Coaching is not just talk; it is about strategy, planning and implementation, and taking concrete measurable action.

Meet Catherine Toews

Certified Life Coach

Catherine Toews, Calgary life coach believes the “human story” is one of the most fascinating aspects of life. She has a passion to see people excel in their lives. It is her desire to direct clients toward their true identity and inspire and challenge them to step into the destiny they were created to fulfill. With an open mind she continues to learn and grow personally, always seeking new information that could potentially be helpful to her clients. She believes that the most powerful tool in being a great coach is being in touch with her inner authentic self, the intuitive, wise part of her, to ensure that is who shows up to be the guide and coach.

Catherine is a CGA and she has a Certified Master Coach Practitioner designation from the Certified Coaches Federation. She has over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience and over five years of volunteer coaching victims of domestic violence. She has had personal challenges that she has overcome and it is her passion to help people understand and see that they are not defined by their past, no matter how difficult it may have been. She has two children and two step children who are all wonderful, joy-filled and productive adults. She loves the fun they have when they experience the opportunity to all be together.

Catherine has traveled extensively. She has ridden a camel in Cairo, an elephant in Bangkok and relaxed in a tent in the Kenyan bush listening to the sounds of hippos and lions as she fell asleep. As phenomenal as that all was it still doesn’t really hold a candle to the richness she has experienced in the people she has met and the friendships that have been cultivated along the way.