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Remember that whatever it is you have experienced in your past, it does not define you, nor need it hold you back. The truth of who you are is far greater than that... and you have the power to choose to live in that truth! It is so important that we don't buy into the "therefore lies" of our past experiences. It is critical to separate what we have experienced from who we are. [Read More]

Valiant Life Coaching Inc.


Our destiny is to walk in the fullness and magnitude of who we were created to be.

The human spirit is resilient... we are blessed with so much that cannot in any way be taken from us... and... we have the power to choose... the power to choose how we respond to our circumstances... the power to choose the attitudes we carry with us... and the power to choose the perspective that we take. [Read More]

Valiant Life Coaching Inc.

Dare To Dream

I am quoting from Paulo Coehlo when I say... There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:
The fear of failure.

Fear dumbs you down, drains your energy and steals your joy. Fear is the root cause of stress - and stress is the cause of almost all if not all  illness and disease. Fear is a nasty business. [Read More]